Grape Tincture

New Grape Flavor!

Don't miss our newest Keeping the Faith tincture flavor... Grape!  Tastes yummy and works great.

Workout Recovery

Any Time Pain Relief

Did you know our Jump for Joy Pain Balm works wonders for post workout recovery?  Rub some on your muscles and you won't hurt the next morning!

Pet Products

Healthy, Happy Pets

As animal lovers, the health of our fur babies matters to us. That's why we make Fur Baby tinctures to help pets heal and thrive.

beauty prouducts

Lip Therapy

Wearing masks, changing weather... it's all hard on our lips.  Our Lovable Lips balm can heal and restore your lips practically overnight!

Our mission is simple: to help people become their best selves.  We are strong believers in the numerous benefits of natural products, so we created an amazing line of effective, top of the line, botanically based beauty and wellness products for you and your fur babies.



Our ProductsOur  products are created from safe, effective, natural ingredients and botanicals that are responsibly sourced and ethically produced. With your overall wellness in mind, these hand-selected ingredients and botanical blends are created to revitalize, replenish and rejuvenate.


tionne watkinsT-Boz and her team created the TLCBD line to meet her beauty and wellness needs, and those of her fans. By harnessing the power of natural ingredients, Tionne says that she feels revitalized and believes she has better control of her Sickle Cell.

What Tionne Says

"I started TLCBD with a desire to help women deal with aging and the effects of the environment on their skin, but soon I realized we needed to be looking at beauty and health from the inside out. That's why we didn't just create beauty products for your skin, we created a full line.  We even have a line for fur babies, because they need it just as much as we do." -Tionne Watkins

"One of my goals is to dispel myths, educate and provide accurate information about CBD.  I think CBD is wonderful and it changed my life.  I want to break through the lies, misconceptions and the bad products and bring trust, education and quality CBD products to everyone." - Tionne Watkins

"It seems like everyone is stressed and run-down these days.  I've noticed more anxiety and I learned stress causes inflammation in the body that results in a lot of different health (and beauty) issues. For me, these natural, botanically based products really help me feel less stressed and feel better. It was logical to build these beneficial botanicals into my products." -Tionne Watkins


Visit Our Blog: Check out what our founder has to say in her latest blog about TLCBD products and events, in her own words.


Understanding Natural Products: We know that understanding the purpose and chemistry behind natural ingredients can be confusing.  Check out our  FAQ page for more information.


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Contact Us

We're happy to answer your questions. If you didn't find an answer on our FAQ page or have other questions, reach out to us at or (206) 487-4730. We will be in touch within 2-3 business days.

We are committed to making the world a better place.  A portion of our beauty and wellness proceeds are given to the Sickle Cell Foundation Support Group Inc. and a portion of proceeds from our pet products are given to Harmony New Beginnings Animal Rescue.