How Your Pets Can Benefit from Regular CBD Use

October is National Pet CBD Month, and we thought we’d dedicate this month’s blog to this very topic. We get questions about CBD for pets all the time – how do I use it? Why don’t you sell it in a treat form? Why only liquid? What conditions can I use it on for my pet? We’re going to tackle these questions and give you some peace of mind when you’re looking for something to help your fur baby to be calm and health.

A young kitten looks at a younger, larger dog curiously. Photo by Anusha Barwa via Unsplash

The most important thing to remember is that in order for CBD to benefit your pet the most, consistency is key. Giving your pet a regular dose or doses is important because CBD isn’t like a pain med in that you take it only when you’re in pain. Most animals have an endocannabinoid system similar to humans. The only known animals with no endocannabinoid system include insects and single-celled creatures called Phyla Protozoa. Other than these animals, it is believed that mammals, fish, birds, reptiles and nematodes have at least a primitive endocannabinoid system. Because of this, the same CBD that humans use can be used on your pet as well.

Anxiety in Pets

Let’s talk about anxiety for a moment. What is it? Anxiety stems from an underlying fear or trigger and your pet is no different. For your pet, they could come from a few different sources:

  • A change of environment (like a recent move or boarding situation)
  • Separation from owner(s) (like going to work or running many errands)
  • Diet changes
  • Loud noises
  • Recent injury or trauma

Anxiety can be seen in pets most frequently through one or more of these behaviors:

  • Pacing
  • Repeated barking
  • Howling
  • Hiding
  • Shivering
  • Unable to settle down
  •  Frequent urination
  • Digging

Many owners find that once the trigger(s) subside, the anxiety does as well. Sometimes this is not the case, unfortunately, and it can increase over time. When anxiety continues over time, it can turn into aggressive behavior like chewing, biting people, or harming itself. Since our pets can’t talk to us, this is where some veterinarians will advise medication like sedatives or other medications to calm your pet. If you’re looking for a natural therapy, this is where CBD can come into play and help your pet.

A curious gecko. Photo by Verdian Chua via Unsplash

CBD Benefits and Conditions it Can Help Treat

CBD is a natural and effective chemical that is derived from the cannabis plant, but has little to no THC, which is the compound responsible for producing the high in many psychoactive drugs. Your pet can enjoy the benefits without getting loopy.

  • Studies are emerging that show that CBD is well-tolerated by many animals and has minimal to no interactions with other medications.
  • Like in people, when taken regularly, CBD can help regulate other systems in your pet, like digestion, emotions, your pet’s overall development and growth. This is known as homeostasis and keeps your pet’s biological systems stable and healthy.
  •  CBD is also a strong anti-inflammatory and helps with conditions involving pain and joint issues like arthritis or the aches and pains that come with the change of seasons
TLCBD's Love Your Fur Baby Tinctures in regular and ultra strength

Treats vs. Liquid

TLCBD sells only tinctures, or CBD in liquid form.  I’m sure you’ve seen a variety of soft chew-type CBD treats on the market and are wondering why we don’t sell them in this form.

When you add CBD into food, whether it’s a chew or a biscuit, there’s a chemical process that happens during baking that can reduce the potency of the CBD and this has to be balanced out by the amount of product that’s added to the treat.

We like to keep things simple for everyone, so we sell only the liquid tinctures of our Love Your Fur Baby products. It’s easy to administer to your pet. Dosages are based on weight, so make sure you know the weight of your pet and then simply drop the liquid onto your pet’s food. You can even mix it into your pet’s wet food if you like to make sure that it doesn’t run to the bottom of the bowl. One of our fans created a short video showing how she gives her pug, Buddy, his daily dose. You can watch the video here:

We recommend giving the CBD to your pet twice a day, which should coincide with mealtime. If your pet is going through a short-term episode of pain, like an injury or a surgery, or you’ve recently moved or have gone back to the office to work and your pet isn’t dealing well with it, you can always give an additional dose as needed until the situation or condition resolves itself.

Two Scarlet Macaws sitting on two natural branch perches

Other Factors to Keep in Mind

As always, before your pet starts taking CBD products, we recommend you:

  • Speak with your veterinarian
  • Bring information on the specific products you’re considering using, including the product description, strength, and the recommended dosage amount (if listed)
  • Ask about possible interactions between CBD and any medications your pet is taking
  • Make sure that the products are verified by a third-party lab

We also recommend that when you start your pet on a new CBD regimen that you be home (like on your days off from work) to ensure that there are no side effects.

We hope that this information is helpful and remember that when we have product sales that this includes our Love Your Fur Baby Tinctures in both regular and ultra strength. We want your pets to live their best, happiest lives with you for as long as they possibly can.  As always, we wish you good health.

These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.