Why did I start TLCBD?

Many people ask me that question. I always start with the “Well, I wasn’t bored, that’s for sure.”

World Peace Face Oil
World Peace Face Oil

But the real reason is that I really wanted to create a wellness line that met the needs of people like me. I felt like there weren’t enough natural options when it comes to health and wellness products.

I was on tour and I was exhausted. My sickle-cell was kicking up, my skin looked like hell and I felt lousy. I literally couldn’t keep doing it. Something had to change. Someone suggested I try a full-spectrum CBD. IT CHANGED MY LIFE! And I knew, that minute, that I absolutely HAD to bring this product to my fans.

So why TLCBD?  To do something good.  To educate. To create something better than what already exists out there. And to support those who have supported me by making sure they have access to great products.

I really hope you all will love these products as much as I do.



3 thoughts on “Why did I start TLCBD?”

  1. Thank you for launching this CBD line and educating the world on the true health benefits of CBD! I can’t wait to try some of the products in your TLCBD range! Stay blessed and congrats! Much love! Leon

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