How CBD Fits Into Your Beauty Routine

A lot of you have been asking us how to insert our products into your existing beauty and skin care routine.  Especially those with acne and other skin issues.  So here is what you need to know:

So what’s the skinny on skin care?  Research suggests CBD helps even out our skin, reduces inflammation and can help with collagen production.  Here is how it helps with several common concerns:

Face Care

Acne: Since acne is mostly hormone related, and our hormones are hard to manage, CBD has been known to help manage hormone levels as well as diminish inflammation and assist with redness and swelling.

Inflammation:  The thing that excites us the most about CBD is that it acts as an anti-inflammatory agent. Since many skincare issues are rooted in inflammation, finding products that help with topical inflammation could be vital to maintaining healthy skin.

Itching:  An analysis published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology believes CBD works through nerve endings to block itching which is a common concern with many people when it comes to their skin.

Scarring: Many people suffer scaring from severe acne, mole removal and injuries.  Scars are made when skin tissue is damaged and topical creams and oils with CBD can be used to soothe the skin and help with cell regeneration throughout the healing process.  It has been shown to reduce the severity of the scars and actually improve existing scars.

Elasticity:  As we age, our skin thins, loses elasticity and can cause sagging and things like “turkey neck.”  Studies are showing that CBD increases elasticity in the skin, especially delicate skin areas such as under your eyes and on your neck. Selecting a CBD product that is cannabinoid-rich and includes botanicals that work naturally with the skin, will help these areas stay supple and hydrated.

Now that you know CBD is good for the skin, how do you choose the right products?  This is what many people ask themselves.  These are things to keep in mind when you’re choosing your CBD products.

World Peace
World Peace Face Oil
  1. CBD skin products have come far in a short period of time.  Always stay current on the newest formats like l, lip balms, oils and creams. 
  2. Understand that different types and formulas work better for different parts of the skin.  Make sure you’re using a product made specifically for your face.  The skin on our bodies can handle heavier formulas than our faces will, with less of a chance for breakouts. Try a serum or face oil for the face and keep balms and lotions for the neck down. We recommend World Peace or  Young Love.
  3. Make it a routine – like with any skin care regiment, routine is everything.  Be consistent with your application if you want to see the best results. Carve out the extra few minutes each day and chalk it up to self-care.

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