Is CBD Good for Fitness

August 1, 2020

A lot of people ask us if CBD is good for fitness and overall health.  We pretty much always answer with yes.  Especially if you’re playing sports or working out.  So how does it help?  Let’s take a stab at it…

Every day athletes still need to recover and heal…

It helps with pain and inflammation

We know that sometimes we overdue it or get injured and that can set us back in our workouts.  Over exerting muscles often lead to lots of pain. Helping to reduce inflammation is so important to healing and to reducing pain while we’re recovering, because the lower your inflammation level is, the less pain you will feel. If you’re sidelined due to pain, try CBD and see if it helps you recover faster. We suggest either a tincture, gummie or pain balm. Find them under our health products section.

It helps with getting sleep – which helps with recovery

Exerting yourself physical day after day takes a lot of energy and determination. In order for your body to have the right energy to stay active, you need to focus on getting enough sleep. A lack of sleep can actually hinder your performance and your recovery from injuries.  Getting a full eight hours of sleep each night is important  if you want to stay healthy. CBD has a calming effect and helps with sleep related issues. If you have trouble going to sleep or staying asleep, CBD can help you. 

It helps you stay motivated

If you workout a lot, you know it’s not only stressful on the body physical, it can also wear you out emotionally. The physical stress working out puts on a body can result in oxidative damage. This type of damage slows recovery time.  And if you feel horrible the day after an intense workout, chances are you may not go back.  CBD helps reduce oxidative damage in the body meaning you recover faster and avoid performance problems. Side note… increasing recovery time also helps build muscle faster!