CBD and Sickle Cell

Many of you have been asking me if CBD is an approved treatment for sicklers .  There’s definitely research happening on it and a lot of sicklers are using it and seeing great success.  I tried it within my own friends and family for years before we put it out there so we’d KNOW it was a good option.

The Sickle Cell Foundation in my home state of Georgia partnered with Biotech Research Labs to raise money for a clinical study focused on the effectiveness of CBD on sickle cell disease.  This type of research and growth proves how great the opportunity is.    When I started TLCBD it was to help me and those closest to me.  A lot of us have sickle cell and it was a big factor in taking it public.  But it’s not just sickle cell, I have family and friends with a lot of heath conditions that I thin can be made better or easier with CBD.  Whether it’s an edible, a rub or oil, I’ve been having people try it and it’s been working for everyone. 

A lot of people ask me what the benefits are of adding CBD to my products. I have to be careful what I say here, because CBD is not FDA approved to treat any disease or condition. But, I’ve personally observed a lot of benefits, most of which agree with what the research says: CBD promotes better sleep, reduces inflammation and pain, fights stress, improves your overall well being.  A lot of people are saying now that it promotes weight loss, and can protect against or reverse some forms of cancer or other diseases, especially in its full spectrum form.  I think we’re going to learn more in the near future.

Thanks for supporting the products and for always wanting to learn more.  As I always say – Knowledge is Power!


Does CBD Matter?

I get so many questions all the time, I feel like my blog is just me answering your questions – but I’m happy to do it!

What I am getting most lately is if CBD really makes a difference to my product line. The answer…. yes! My products are based around CBD.  I think CBD and beauty go hand in hand.

Keep the Faith
Keep the Faith Tincture

I’ll start at the beginning. It seems like everyone is really stressed and run down these days.  I’ve also noticed a lot more anxiety out there.  I learned early on that stress causes inflammation, increases cortisol levels, degrades tissues, and in general brings about a lot of different health issues. In short, stress ages us.  For me, CBD really aids in decreasing stress, anxiety and inflammation (plus a bunch of other benefits, but for now, let’s focus on those.)

Applied topically, CBD interacts with nearby receptors of the endocannabinoid system. Your skin will get not only all the usual benefits from the beauty cream, but also the benefits of the CBD. And, we’ve designed our creams to drive the CBD into the deeper layers for maximum benefit.  Then, CBD taken orally…well, that’s a whole world of benefit. Put them together, the topical & the edible, and you get one heck of a one-two punch. 

So for me, yes I think it matters. I think putting it into our products was a critical element – there are a lot of products out there without CBD that aren’t doing all they can. There are a lot of products out there claiming to be great CBD products and they aren’t. I knew I wanted to make great products that really help people.

Try them out, let me know what you think!



The Challenges of Selling CBD

To my fans and supporters-

I wanted to let you know what’s been going on this week since we launched TLCBD.  We’ve been preparing for this launch for quite some time.  We went through all the right channels, got all the right certifications and approvals and jumped through a LOT of hoops to be ready to sell our product. 

Full Line
The new line is shipping!

Years of testing and optimizing the products was almost nothing compared to how hard it was to get approved to sell CBD online. Selling CBD is not like selling other products.  It is not well understood by the government and some people still see it as linked to THC and marijuana – but it’s not!  So we, and most businesses like ours, don’t have access to services the way non-CBD businesses do.

You may have noticed that when we first launched, we gave you several options to purchase – credit card, paypal, bitpay, etc.   We had our processing all lined up and ready to go, and with all the support you gave our product (for which I still can’t thank you enough), it brought a lot of attention to the site and then abruptly, with zero warning, we were cut off by PayPal (who is holding our money we had there by the way) and then bitpay closed our account.  We finally heard from our credit processing partner at the same time and they told us we were cut off because they had stopped supporting companies with CBD edibles (like gummies).  The bad news is it really caused a lot of issues for us and for you. The good news is your support was so strong that you caused our servers to go crazy which is most likely what caused the payment processing people to take notice.

We were willing to pull the gummies, you probably noticed we had to turn the stock off.  But then, the next day, they told us they wouldn’t allow processing of tinctures either!!  Which was the whole reason I started the company in the first place – to bring wellness products to the world and share what’s been helping me with my health and also help people heal and feel better.  Without tinctures, my team and I can’t meet our mission – and that doesn’t work for us.  So we knew we had to find another solution.   We started processing your orders via email manually – and we appreciated all of you who were patient while we went that route. 

Welllness Products
Gummies are still a challenge

You’re probably asking “Why won’t banks let you sell gummies?”  Because the FDA has said that CBD, even hemp-derived CBD is not officially a food and has not passed testing to be GRAS (which means Generally Regarded As Safe), so it is in a grey area when it comes to putting it in foods.  In some states, you can’t buy it in stores anymore.  In fact, some of our competitors had to pull their valuable stock off of their shelves with no way to sell it and earn back their investment.   

Our team found another card processor, and submitted our paperwork and they’re pushing it through for us.  We’re blessed that they know how good our product is and are helping us get it pushed through quickly.  But it’s still a process full of government background checks and approvals, so… it takes a while. 

So for right now, we’ve got a few options for you.

1)    Viabill – an amazing credit card processing program (you’ll need to create an account, similar to PayPal) AND it lets you decide to make payments over a few months.

2)    Send us a check.  We will wait for your check, process it and ship your order.

3)    Email us. You can email us at info@shoptlcbd.com and we will process your order manually and invoice you.  Yes,  you can pay via credit card this way too.

I wanted to thank you for your support and your patience.  I really wanted you to understand the whole process. Not everyone will tell you what’s happening, but I want you to know that there are people out there who don’t want us to provide these great wellness products and we’re not backing down. Like I always say – there’s money in medicine- and some doctors don’t want us to take natural products and some just don’t believe. But I KNOW what CBD has done for me and I will make this work!  In the meantime, we shifted, we pivoted and we’ve got you covered.

Happy shopping everyone!

Why CBD?

Many people have been asking me why I believe CBD is right for my product line. Well let me tell you – discovering CBD has been a miracle.

As I was on tour and becoming more and more tired, less and less healthy, I was having a harder time looking my best. (How did you look the last time you were sick?) I started using an oral CBD and with the change I saw from that, it clicked: beauty starts from the inside.  So, I had started using CBD.  I felt great and I glowed. I knew it was something I needed to build awareness for.

TLCBD CBD Products

That prompted a lot of research.  Cannabinoids interact with our bodies in unique ways, unlike any other substance.  From a beauty standpoint, I realized we could use an inside-out,  coupled with an outside-in approach, to go well beyond what just a beauty cream can do.

So, we created products to improve skin, sleep, and overall health. That’s why we didn’t just create beauty products for your skin, we created edibles, tinctures and more.  We even have a line for pets, because they need it just as much as we do!

It was really a no-brainer for me – it was working for me and my family, why not make it available to everyone? Making a good product, that really meets the needs of people and is honestly a good product – that is what I saw a need for – and I filled it.

Enjoy the products everyone!



Why did I start TLCBD?

Many people ask me that question. I always start with the “Well, I wasn’t bored, that’s for sure.”

World Peace Face Oil
World Peace Face Oil

But the real reason is that I really wanted to create a wellness line that met the needs of people like me. I felt like there weren’t enough natural options when it comes to health and wellness products.

I was on tour and I was exhausted. My sickle-cell was kicking up, my skin looked like hell and I felt lousy. I literally couldn’t keep doing it. Something had to change. Someone suggested I try a full-spectrum CBD. IT CHANGED MY LIFE! And I knew, that minute, that I absolutely HAD to bring this product to my fans.

So why TLCBD?  To do something good.  To educate. To create something better than what already exists out there. And to support those who have supported me by making sure they have access to great products.

I really hope you all will love these products as much as I do.