Can I Use CBD for Allergies?

May 1, 2020

A lot of you asked us over the past couple of weeks if CBD is beneficial for seasonal allergies.  And to be honest, we didn’t know, so we had to go to our chemists and clinical experts and ask.  They told us that products like our tinctures (Keep the Faith and Keeping the Faith) work best when it comes to allergies, so we had to dig in and find out why…

CBD Has Great Antimicrobial Properties

Allergies can be miserable

Scientists and clinical experts often talk about the benefits of CBD for the antimicrobial properties it has. And what many people don’t know is how common it is to have harmful allergens in the home or office.  Those allergens can make us susceptible to infections.   But with CBD, we can fight off infections because of the terpenes found in broad-spectrum CBD that fend off these nasty allergens.

CBD Helps with Inflammation

One of the most common signs you see with seasonal allergies is puffiness under eyes and aches in the sinus area. Usually, these are caused by increased levels of inflammation in the body. CBD-infused products are key in keeping inflammation down, especially when taken in tincture form.  So according to our scientists, reducing the inflammation makes the symptoms less severe when you’re encountering allergies 

CBD Balances Our Immune Systems

The weaker our immune systems are, the harder it is to fight off colds and allergies. CBD is known to be a great way to boost immune systems and reduce the severity of seasonal allergies.  As we ingest CBD, our endocannabinoid system gets a kick start on fighting things off and will start to boost the immune system. With this added boost, a body can activate a response to the allergens that keeps us from sneezing or coughing when pollen levels reach their highest point. 

Well, we definitely learn something new every day, we’re glad you asked!  We hope our tinctures help provide some relief to those of you suffering from seasonal allergies.

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