What Kind of CBD Form Do I want?

June 1, 2020

CBD is becoming more mainstream and we’re happy to see that.  There are also a lot more ways to enjoy CBD but we’re a little concerned with the vaping options.  So we wanted to take a moment and tell you about other ways to partake in the benefits of CBD without the negative effects of vaping on your lungs.

Here are our favorite ways to get CBD into our bodies…


You can enjoy CBD with a tincture or oil which aside from tasting pretty good, is also easier to gauge the correct dosage.  We take ours under the tongue, but some of our customers add it to their drinks. 


New decade
Gummies are yummy!

Some of our favorite ways to get CBD is by eating our gummies and sucking lozenges. They are easy to travel with, taste fabulous and are also easy to dose with as we package all of our products with the recommended dosage and strength.   


If you’re not into eating or drinking your CBD, you can always go with a topical.  We provide topicals like our Jump for Joy Pain Balm, our face products and our lip balm.  All are an easy way to get the benefit of CBD and get immediate assistance with inflammation, pain relief, and more. Not to mention the amazing way it helps correct your skin issues.  Our main reason for topicals is that it gives us the chance to direct the CBD exactly where we need the healing.  When our knees hurt, we use the pain balm and rub it in.  When our lips are chapped and hurting, a little Lovable Lips dabbed on gets an immediate fix going. 

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